General Advise

All the products that are for sale on this site are intended to be used on practice of any belief. The freedom of worship and belief is a right guaranteed by the Brazilians laws. Before purchasing our products, please, verify the laws and legislation of your country.

Stock Items

All products that are in stock will be available until sold out. For the products that are no longer in the stock, please make a personalized order.

Personalized Orders

We accept personalized order for different materials like: mix of incenses; paints; oils; fetishes; ritual’s items (necklaces, rosaries); pyrography on horns, wood and bones and art pieces.

Following our previously experience, all the personalized orders will be made only after a signal payment of at least the half of the price. When the order is ready, we’ll contact you and proceed with the shipment.

If you want and need a personalized order, please, contact us on contato@quimbandaceifadores.com, we can negotiate everything trough detail, design and the delivery.

Mixtures and Poisonous Materials

We do not take any responsibility for this kind of material.

We will always indicate and declare when a mixture or other materials contains any poisonous ingredients and we’ll suggest how to use and manipulate it properly, avoiding intoxication.

These mixtures must only be purchased by advanced users, we do not recommend it to the beginners.

See bellow some general advices for the correct use and stock of poisonous materials:

  • Do not ingest it;
  • Keep it out of the reach of kids;
  • Always wear gloves while manipulating it;
  • Always wash your hands after manipulating it;
  • Pay attention if the labels are fixed;
  • When using mix of incenses that has poisonous herbs, don’t inhale it directly and always work in a well-ventilated room or outdoors;
  • Do not apply oil or tinctures on your or other’s skin and always wear gloves when it’s needed to be applied on objects;
  • A previously knowledge about herbs and it’s effects is extremely necessary;
  • Even if that the folklore and the magick’s praxis asks or suggest applying the poisonous material on the skin or it’s ingestion, inhalation, we strongly advise not to and if you do, we do not take any responsibility about it’s inappropriate use. You have been warned.

Payment Methods

We only accept Paypal, because it’s more safe for both parties.


In general, we’ll send everything to all countries and states around the world, but you must know before the order, if your state or country has any restriction imposed by the post office about the material, item or ingredient that you are purchasing. After the payment, we’ll not return the packages bricked by the post office, customs or warehouses.

Termination and Devolution

We accept terminations only 24 hours after the payment.

All products are wrapped with extreme safety procedures and labeled as fragile. We take absolutely no responsibility for damages caused by the transportation.

The client will receive a picture of the final product, of the packing process and of the final package.

We do not accept devolutions or swaps.

Delivery Time

For the material on stock, the usual delivery time for packages is 3-5 days. Although the delivery time vary from state to state and country to country. We use the Brazilian’s post office company known as CORREIOS or others as UPS and FEDEX. Be advised that the delivery time do not depend on our desire.

For the personalized orders, you must ask for private contacts and we’ll always keep you informed about the product, even with pictures.

We’ll send you an email with the tracking number after the shipment.

Shipping Charges

The shipping charges is automatically generated by the post office based on the destination, weight and on the general price of the bought items. All the warehouses and custom’s taxes will be entirely responsibility of the purchaser.

We only work with registered orders, so all purchases will have shipping charges.

Issues with the purchase or with the shipping

Be warned, we do not take any responsibility for any issues that you may have with the order, with the shipping and with the post office. Therefore, you must ask us or know about all the restriction of product and materials that can’t be shipped by the post office.

Please, contact us to discuss about an alternative solution to make your order and shipment.

Please, always check your email, if there’s something wrong with the order, the post office will let you know.

If you have any trouble with this site, with the payment, with items bought by mistake or with incorrect price, etc., please contact us up to 24 hours on the email contato@quinbandaceifadores.com and describe the issue that you are having. We’ll go back to you as soon as possible to find a solution, please, if we don’t reach you out immediately, remember the date and hour of your email.

For any other issue contact us as well, we’ll be happy to help you out.


All the art works, pictures, texts, sigils and items from this site are under copyright of the Templo Quinbanda Ceifadores, except when otherwise indicated. We suggest that you read the article 3 from the Terms and Conditions to understand how you should behave with our materials.

Of course, you can take pictures and share the products that you have bought, in fact we will really appreciate if you do so, because the wok of the craftsman depend on your evaluation, besides we kindly ask you to tag us on your pictures, it’s really nice to see the destiny of our work and items.

If you wish, fell free to quote us on texts and tag us pictures, but please always give us the credit of our items. The photographic reproduction of the pictures, works of art and sigils is permitted only for the promotion of our work, for others uses, please contact us to have a permission on contato@quimbandaceifadores.com.

Why we don’t disclose the ingredients from the mixtures?

Due the previous plagiarism, violation of our copyright and to avoid that inhibit people try to reproduce the magick artefacts without the deserved competence and to avoid the manipulation of the substances wrongly.

Of course, we’ll always write down all the poisonous, toxics and problematics ingredients on the labels. To the buyers who wants to know more about the ingredients in our mixtures, we are open to questions and we’ll be pleasure to inform you about our work.