Substances that would make human life easier and more bearable have always been used as a form of mass control by the demiurge’s minions, because although the Spirit imprisoned in matter is asleep, it is in constant struggle to free itself, because freedom is the nature of the Spirit.
Using these substances, the demiurge’s minions guarantee the docility of the enclosed Spirit, so that like cattle, it serves as an energetic food for the demiurge, its archons and this energy is also used for the maintenance of matter, in different levels and dimensions. These substances that at the beginning of slavery were removed from nature, today are produced artificially and are present in practically everything that is given to human beings to consume and together with the hypnotic social processes perpetuate the slavery of the Spirit.

The Great Poisonous Green that was the poisonous jet of the Great Ancient Serpent within the creation, contaminated part of that creation, certain plants and animals, with its own substance and that substance have the capacity to awaken the Spirit enclosed in the matter.And named Enteogen was and continues to be used for this purpose.

Ententeognosis is knowledge through the use of the substance called entheogen, which is one or several substances extracted from some plants and animals.
The entheogen has psychoactive properties that induce altered states of consciousness.
Entheogens have been used since time immemorial by shamans in practically all human cultures to achieve ecstatic states and contacts with more subtle planes of existence and as a facilitating vehicle for the shaman’s consciousness to leave the body for other planes allowing interaction with beings of other dimensions or that are in this dimension, but in vibrational levels unfathomable to human senses in a natural state.

We use the term shaman, which we consider to be an original term, because the figure of the shaman with its different designations in different cultures and times, includes in its meaning the person who uses all the skills of a witch, a sorcerer, a necromancer, a priestess and countless words to distinguish the individual who seeks the awakening of the Spirit.

The demiurge’s minions detected the contamination of the Poisonous Great Green, as everything related to the matter is controlled by them.
The demiurge’s minions then tried to destroy those already awake Spirits, Shamans, who knew the ways to extract the Poison (Enteogen), to hinder access and numerous forms of barrier, so that the poison that flows through the creation does not reach the Spirits anymore , awakening them.
The way found by the minions to slow down the expansion of the Enteogen and awaken the Spirits is Ignorance.
The Mother of all blindness is used to instill fear, to corrupt the correct purpose of using the Enteogen and to spread lies about the use and the substance itself.
One of the most used ways was to link its use to the religious sphere, thus restricting the knowledge of its extraction to a controlled group, being able to administer other substances in the place of the Enteogen, being able to then control those Spirits who sought to awaken and ended up falling into this trap .

We conclude this page with the conviction that Enteognosis is a powerful door to the awakening of the Spirit and is accessible to anyone who is convinced on their path to awaken from this slavery and who has the courage to drink from the cup of the Great Poison Green, for themselves.